Getting started

Template guidlines

Hi guys!

Hypnotica is an image based template for ghost that you can use for any projects, from personal blog to web-magazine. Of course, a lot of functionalities are still missing due to the freshness of ghost plateform. Be sure we'll improve it as soon as developers add new features!

This template is working perfectly with Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari and IE8+.

Installation guide

  • Unzip Hyptonica theme folder
  • Upload to "path/to/Ghost/content/themes" with your FTP client
  • Login to the dashboard and go to "Design". Select "hypnotica" in "Theme" and click "Save"
  • Enjoy your new theme !

Theme configuration

Careful ghost 0.5.x now allows you to use thumbnails. Please be aware every post has one for better rendering.

To make your blog sexy, you we recommend you to crop your images in 1600px by 1060px.

Update guide

  • For the version 2.1.0 of our themes you need to have ghost 1.10.0 (or later) installed. For update your ghost, you can just refer to this page
  • Now copy the new version of your theme to "path/to/Ghost/content/themes".
  • Let's rock the world !